The Camp Bowie District is a non-profit business advocacy organization, which is also responsible for Public Improvement District No. 8 (PID 8). Our purpose is to champion our local businesses while working to beautify the boulevard which includes intersection improvements, vintage style streetlights, and landscaping.

This is one of the most historic corridors in Fort Worth. It stretches nine miles from the Fort Worth Cultural District to Highway 820. Construction of Camp Bowie began on July 18, 1917. The camp, in the Arlington Heights neighborhood about three miles west of downtown Fort Worth, was established by the United States War Department to give training to the Thirty-sixth Infantry Division. Local officials expected financial gain and urged that the camp be located at Fort Worth. The camp was named for Alamo defender James Bowie. Cavalrymen of the First Texas Cavalry guarded the camp during its raising. Although classified as a tent camp, it required much construction to accommodate a division of men. Camp Bowie was opened officially on August 24, 1917, with Maj. Gen. Edwin St. John Greble of the regular army as commandant.

Today, Camp Bowie Boulevard is a thriving urban corridor that offers shopping, dining, entertainment and commercial business in a safe, pedestrian friendly environment for its residents and visitors. PID 8 includes Camp Bowie West Boulevard which has its own style and provides services to the residents in the immediate area. This part of the corridor was developed with the automobile dependent family in mind.  The large lots, in combination with proximate residential density, provide a different, yet vital, economic opportunity within the District.

As you travel the 30 blocks of the District, you will find a collection of both national and local retailers, providing a variety of services and products to residents and visitors. There are luxurious spas, serene pocket parks, and distinctive antique stores.  Some of the finest chic boutiques in the city, with items ranging from haute couture fashions, fine furs and jewels, have a Camp Bowie address.  In addition, there are stores with the latest in electronics and technology and top of the line car dealerships.   The variety, the festivals, and the community activities featured along Camp Bowie Boulevard throughout the year are sure to enhance any trip to Fort Worth!

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