Camp Bowie District, which runs from University in the East to Interstate 820 in the West, is comprised of business owners operating along the Camp Bowie corridor as well as local neighborhood associations adjacent to the corridor.  Members of the district obtain access to special events, fundraisers, community programs, and educational opportunities giving them the chance to connect with their community, building a stronger, closer District. Funds raised through the voluntary annual CBD membership are used to market and promote the District and its businesses.  The goal is to attract new and existing customers to experience the unique culture of the west side of Fort Worth.

In its role as manager of PID 8, the District is the most direct line of communication with the City. It’s also responsible for the implementation of infrastructure improvements, such as street trees and enhanced crosswalks, which improve the look of the corridor. PID 8 is funded through an additional tax on ad valorum taxes of the commercial properties along the corridor, and routinely coordinates with several City departments, Boards, and Commissions, as well as with other government authorities, such as TXDOT. The members of the District can meet their officials at local events and help be a voice for the concerns and goals regarding the west side.

Camp Bowie District is run day-to-day by a President chosen and hired by the CBD Board of Directors, which is comprised of business and property owners. The Directors are chosen by election every two years at an annual meeting in January.

Camp Bowie District Inc. looks forward to making the west side of a Fort Worth a place where families and business people can live, work and enjoy the beauty and culture of the Camp Bowie corridor for years to come.



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