The President of Camp Bowie District (CBD) is the face of the organization for the businesses and residents on the west side of the City of Fort Worth. It is the President’s duty to go out into the city and create awareness of the district and promote its goals. This is accomplished by recruiting new business members, maintaining relationships with commercial property owners and local government agencies, organizing events to bring attention to the district, utilizing social media, and so much more.  When anyone has a question about Camp Bowie District, the President is the first person that should be sought out.

The President reports to the Chair of the Board of Directors, communicating often regarding current and upcoming activities within the District.  CBD business is coordinated at the regularly held meetings of the Executive Committee and the monthly meetings of CBD Board of Directors. Typical Board meetings, organized by the president, include current reports about the financials, membership, banner displays, events, fundraisers, and landscape projects. Monthly Board meetings are also used to identify and discuss community needs as they relate to the mission of the district. The President is also in charge of working with committees led by  Board members for specific tasks, such as history, events, and development review.

Outreach to the local businesses within the District includes community programs, events and seminars that will help the community grow closer together. The President creates community events targeted to the CBD area in collaboration with local community programs, such as Cowtown Cleanup.  Other outreach activities may include educational programs aimed at advancing the professional, technical and managerial skills of the District business members.

Camp Bowie District is also contracted by the City of Fort Worth to manage Public Improvement District (PID) No. 8.  The President is responsible for submitting monthly and quarterly reports to the City PID Administrator; detailing how PID funds are used to install and maintain beautification and infrastructure projects, such as street trees, landscaping, street lights and crosswalks. These reports also address office operations, communication and marketing to promote local business activity.  The President also oversees the subcontractors who install and maintain these community assets.

Behind the scenes, the President is vital for keeping the organization moving forward day to day. This is accomplished through managing the finances of both CBD and PID. The President is responsible for the creation of the budgets for each year. Fundraising events are included to help the organization reach the budgetary goals, thereby accomplishing its mission.  In addition, the President is also responsible for maintaining the federal and state tax payments and filings.

Both an advocate and a liaison, the President strives to further the mission of the organization – To create a pedestrian friendly commercial corridor that encourages people to shop in a safe and comfortable environment and have a gratifying urban experience.  Economic development and improved quality of life, such as stated above, requires meeting with, listening to, and enlisting the help of a variety stakeholders.  To that end, the President works with the City of Fort Worth, Texas Department of Transportation, regional and local government agencies, business groups, neighborhood associations, developers and local businesses.

In essence, the President is the glue that keeps the District functioning.


You can reach the current President at president@campbowiedistrict.com